The Search for Call of Duty Team(s)

While the new year is here we are starting to build up our Official WeS Team Rosters. We are in search of top talent all around the world to be apart of WeS (WIRE Esports LLC.) and call this there home. We are going to attend and sponsor many of the latest events in search of these top teams, there will be only a team for each platform so start grinding! A team that is selected will be under WeS completely and get all the luxury of a grade “A” Organization. This task wont be easy as there is a lot of other factors that are required by our organization. We only look for professional and determined players who don’t need a push to the next tournament sign-up, also keep in mind that streaming with a decent following is a plus. All members of the team must be 18 years or older and sign a legal contracted document. Teams will go through interviews with staff and legal departments of the organization to make sure each requirement is met and fulfilled.

If your reading this and think your team is the next big thing, feel free to contact us on any of our social media or contact page. We will love to hear from you! See you on the battlefield!


Please Note: More requirements many be required that are not listed 

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