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At last, there’s a Skyrim mod that lets you tip cows

One of the best things about the modding scene on PC – especially the Skyrim mod scene – is when a clever creator comes up with a new mod that makes you wonder how the heck no one came up with it previously. We’ve got just such a mod on our hands here – a new Skyrim modification that allows cow tipping. Yes, cow tipping.

The frankly genius mod is based on Fallout 3, which does allow players to tip the game’s two-headed Brahmin cows by sneaking up to them and pushing them over – which doesn’t really hurt them, but it’s amusing. Despite Skyrim coming out after Fallout 3 and having hairy Highland-style cattle, you can’t really push them over. You can Dragon Shout at them with Unrelenting Force, but that’ll probably kill them – and get the guards on your case.

Now with the Simple Cow Tipping mod created by T3alrose, you can now sneak up to those cows and gently tip them over – at the cost of a little stamina. It’s worth it.

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