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Fortnite’s BRUTE mechs are getting a slight nerf

Fortnite’s new two-seater mech, the BRUTE, has proven to be a lightning rod for criticism. And frankly, that’s largely because the damn things are walking death machines that are next to impossible to counter in the early game. Epic’s heard players’ complaints about the robots and it’s making a slight change to how the mechs work, but it’s leaving them in all core game modes – including Competitive arena and tournaments – for the time being.

According to a post on Fortnite’s official site, Epic is looking for ways to improve on the mech in light of player criticisms of imbalance. In the v10.10 update, it’s adding a targeting laser to the BRUTE, which will be accompanied by a directional sound to indicate when one is aiming at you, even if you’re on the opposite side of a structure. This should give players a bit more warning when they’re on the business end of the BRUTE’s rocket launcher, and theoretically have an extra moment or two to seek cover or break line of sight.

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