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Nvidia has isolated Ryzen 3000’s GeForce BSOD error and is working on a fix

Nvidia’s driver team is looking into bluescreen of death issues that have been cropping up when people pair the new AMD processors, such as the Ryzen 9 3900X, with a GeForce graphics card. Thanks to info supplied by users, the green team’s engineers have been able to reproduce the issue some folk have reported where their gaming PCs will crash with a WHEA error code on the subsequent sad-face bluescreen.

With Nvidia now able to reproduce the issue it means its driver team should be able to isolate the problem and hopefully create a workaround, or hotfix patch, that will keep Ryzen x GeForce machines stable.

One of its software QA bods, Manuel Guzman, took to reddit, via r/AMD, yesterday to try and canvas users as to what exact configurations they were using if they were experiencing the WHEA BSODs. He dropped a link to a driver feedback form which collects data on the Nvidia card being used, the CPU and motherboard it’s attached to, and what versions of OS and driver software is being used. Guzman also asked for any feedback about experiences of switching between motherboard PCIe slots, or changing the PCIe speeds between Gen2, 3,and 4.

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