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WoW looks incredible in Unreal Engine

Since World of Warcraft was released years ago, it’s received updates improving its aesthetic appeal, and while its art style and environments are wonderful, you might be wondering what they could become rebuilt with a graphical overhaul. Now you won’t have to imagine – creator and YouTuber Daniel L has posted a video showcasing some of the MMORPG’s zones realised using the mighty Unreal Engine 4. And they look spectacular.

In the video (via Kotaku) which you can check out further down the article, the creator gives viewers a compilation of his work, with panoramic and sweeping shots of Grizzly Hills, Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, Westfall, and Durotar. They retain much of the iconic look and feel the game is known for – like Amberpine Lodge, which still has that rustic, gorgeously crooked appeal – but the recreation adds a rich level of detail and light, giving them a realistic vibe.

It’s evident in the video that the modder’s spent years working on them, with so many small details and items given a fresh new look. Check out the inside of the tavern at around the 2:51 mark and see for yourself.

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